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Nagia is Local based Travel agent operating in Labuan Bajo Flores.  We are organizing tour arround Komodo, Flores Island and so much more. Nagia holds an official licence as a travel agent given by the goverment of Indonesia.  Nagia has built a team to run the operational system which basically come from tourism  backgorund with years of experiences.

Komodo has been explored by the visitors since it was declared as one of world heritage site. Komodo National Park as one of the best tourism destination in Indonesia offers you such a lifetime memories to be created. Nagia flores gives you a chance to explore the beauty of Kamodo Nationasl Park with its stunning views and the best under water marine life. Our exploration is not only about Komodo National Park, but we are also exploring the hidden treasures of Flores Cultures and the local community with its diversity in cultures. Flores island as its derived from different cultural background stretched from the west to the east of the island.

Flores as its well known as flower island, lexically  means there are not many types of Flowers found on the island, but the word Flores could be indicated as the beauty of diversity of locals living on Flores island. Flores also offers the various beauty of its nature. Flores has a beautiful cultural ceremony such as Caci dance performance in Manggarai, Samana Santa processing in Larantuka, Whale hunting in Lamalera and so much more. So, come and explore Flores and Komodo to create your life time experience.

About Nagia Flores Team

Nagia Flores Wisata built such a solid team to support the best service for the clients. Nagia has a team with different background but mostly experienced in Tourism industry. We  create a motto of our service “Create a Life Time Holiday” is because we are trying to create such an unforgettable memories while your visiting to Flores Island and Komodo National Park.

So, let’s explore Komodo National Park and Flores Island with its nature, culture and local experiences with Nagia Flores Team.

Create your lifetime holiday with us

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